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IVF Courier Service for the Global Reproductive Community

Safely moving human embryos, eggs and sperm across the globe.

CryoSend IVF is a courier service for the global reproductive medical community. We are committed to helping patients, clinics and labs move embryos, sperm, oocytes, blood and tissue samples in a quick, safe and reliable manner.

Since 2009 we have worked with patients, labs and clinics to move IVF-related biological specimens to and from countries across the globe. Our Hand Carry Onboard Courier Service is our primary offering to help move embryos, oocytes, sperm and other tissue samples in a safe and trustworthy manner. Our cryogenic shippers are validated and inspected regularly to ensure proper functioning capabilities, they are also equipped with temperature and GPS data loggers to help give our clients and ourselves comfort and peace-of-mind during the shipping process.

We strive to provide an IVF courier service that is trustworthy, safe and professional.

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IVF Hand Carry Service

CryoSend IVF specializes in safely moving human embryos, eggs, sperm and blood for IVF patients, clinics, labs and agencies across the globe. Our experienced couriers will move your specimens across land, sea and air with care and attention. Being professional is important, we therefore utilize only the best-in-class equipment, including high-tech data loggers that allow us to monitor vitals such as location, temperature, shock and light exposure. Whether it be for surrogacy, egg donation or family relocation reasons, we can help move your IVF samples in a safe, professional and cost-effective manner.


CryoSend IVF is dedicated to moving your embryos, oocytes and sperm in a safe and reliable manner. Our team of professional couriers will monitor and care for your shipment around the clock. Our cryogenic shippers are validated and equipped with real-time data tracking devices that allow us and our clients to monitor the shipment while in transit.

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CryoSend IVF Courier Services

Our goal is to provide safe, secure and professional shipping options for IVF patients, clinics, labs and related agencies. Shipping your embryos, eggs or sperm is not always an easy decision to make – there are risks and costs involved. We try to keep our pricing reasonable and at the same time minimize risks by utilizing high quality equipment, safe operating procedures and providing good customer service.

CryoSend IVF Hand-Carry Service includes the following:

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