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Our goal is to provide safe and trustworthy IVF shipping services at reasonable prices. We generally do not compete on pricing alone. Professionalism, safety, security and good customer service are an important part of the cost structure.

Our pricing includes everything, except permits and legal/clinic paperwork costs. Our prices depend on a number of factors that we need to consider, such as: pick-up & drop-off locations, time-frame, airfare costs and our time commitment.

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CryoSend IVF Hand-Carry Service:

Payment Methods

We accept the following payment methods:

Refund Policy

Sometimes plans change. If, after payment has been made, you need to cancel the shipment, we will try to be as accommodating as reasonably possible. We understand that sometimes plans need to change, so we will refund as much as we can, except a Service Fee of $500 USD or equivalent. If any portion of the payment has been spent on airfare, hotels etc., we will attempt to obtain refunds, but if refunds are not possible, you would forfeit such amounts.


CryoSend IVF Hand Carry Insurance offers protection of up to $20,000 USD for your IVF specimens while being transported by CryoSend.

Our Hand Carry Service is the safest and most reliable manner in which to move specimens such as embryos, oocytes and sperm – however, unforeseen events can happen. If your specimens are lost or damaged while in our care as part of our Hand Carry Service, we will automatically refund you any Service Fees paid. You can also elect to buy additional coverage with our insurance options.

This insurance offer is optional and a premium must be paid if you elect to get coverage. The insurance covers loss and/or damage to your embryos, oocytes and sperm if an unforeseen event happens while in the custody of CryoSend. This insurance policy does not cover the quality or viability of the samples, nor the thawing or freezing methods of the labs involved nor the final result any IVF-related treatments.

Our Hand Carry Service is the best way to send embryos, eggs or sperm. We focus on safety and security at all times during the transport process. However, we cannot make any 100% guarantees and unexpected events can happen at any time. Our insurance option gives you some financial compensation in case your samples are damaged or lost due to the shippers failing to keep cryogenic temperatures, loss or theft of the shipper, or cases such as Acts of God, airplane or road accidents.

You are also welcome to pursue the purchase of your own insurance policy through your local broker or insurance company.

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