IVF Courier Service

Safely moving human embryos, oocytes and sperm

Hand Carry Courier Service

The majority of our IVF-related clients choose our Hand Carry Service. This is the safest way to move your embryos, eggs or sperm. One of our experienced couriers will carefully move your samples from lab-to-lab. With proper documentation, we can pick-up and deliver samples to almost any country in the world. We are with your specimens around the clock, from start to finish, including during the flight.

To move your embryos, eggs or sperm, we use only top-quality shippers that are regularly inspected and validated to ensure maximum safety. We also have real-time GPS and temperature data loggers available. Safety and security are important for high-value shipments such as embryos, eggs and sperm, so we invest to make sure we can provide the best service possible.

We will coordinate with you and the clinics to prepare for the shipment dates and necessary documentation for the import/export of your samples. We will also arrange the logistics and work with accommodating airlines and airport security to request X-ray exemption and utilize safe and trusted routes.

Our Hand Carry Service option is the safest way to move your IVF samples.

Commercial & Premium Carrier Service

In addition to our Hand Carry Courier Service, we can also arrange for your frozen embryos, sperm or eggs to be transported via a major commercial carrier or a premium carrier service. The entire shipment will be coordinated and monitored by us. We will send a fully-ready and charged shipper to the clinic, arrange for pick-up and delivery of the samples, then have the shipper returned to us.

Which option is better?

Without a doubt, our Hand Carry Service is the best option for international IVF shipments. We have full control and know exactly where the shipment is and what condition it is in at all times. However, it is also the more expensive option. If you are on a budget and the pick-up and drop-off lab locations are within safe routes, commercial courier shipping can be an option to consider.

The Service Process


Your Needs

Tell us about your needs: What do you want to move – embryos, oocytes, sperm, blood? How many samples will you move? Where are the pick-up and drop-off labs located?  What is your time-frame?



We will prepare a quote and discuss possible service dates. Most clients contact us between 1 to 3 months prior to their intended Service Dates.


Payment & Agreement

If you choose to work with us, we will send you a Service Agreement and an invoice. You sign the agreement and make payment.


Documentation is important for all international transfers of embryos, eggs, sperm, blood and urine samples.  We want to make sure that the process of moving your biological materials goes as smoothly as possible, we therefore request that clients assist us by ensuring that all paperwork is complete before the actual service dates.

Paperwork required by CryoSend IVF includes the following:

  • Service Request Form – a document detailing the names, addresses and contacts of both labs involved in the move and any other pertinent information.
  • Service Agreement – A contract between you and CryoSend stating the basic terms and conditions and risk acknowledgement.
  • Power of Attorney – a document stating that you, as the owner of the specimens, have hired CryoSend to move your samples and that we have the authority to work on your behalf in relations to Customs, health, airline and airport authorities.
  • Medical Reports – a copy of the lab reports regarding the embryos, sperm or eggs.
  • Import/Export Permits if needed – some countries require an import or export permit for human biological materials such as embryos, eggs and sperm. Please obtain the appropriate permits and supply us with a copy of the originals.

CryoSend IVF Hand-Carry Service:

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