Barbados IVF Clinic

Barbados is a small island in the Caribbean with less than 300,000 people. A place where many Canadians, Americans and British citizens go to enjoy beach life. Barbados is also home to the Barbados Fertility Centre – a popular destination for IVF services for citizens of the US and Canada. The Barbados Fertility Centre is located right across from the beach at Seaston House. Dr. Juliet Skinner is the presiding practitioner.

Barbados has affordable IVF treatment options. Patients can enjoy the sun and beach while getting their IVF treatments completed – paradise. One of the main hubs to get to Barbados is Miami, it only takes a few hours.

On this journey, we had the pleasure of delivering sperm and embryo samples from Miami. If you are looking at affordable IVF treatment options, why not consider Barbados? Dr. Skinner and the team at the Barbados Fertility Centre will be happy to assist you. The lab skills, training and equipment is comparable to anything you would find in the US or Canada.
You can find out more about IVF options in Barbados by visiting the clinic homepage:

And…if you need to have your sperm, egg or embryo samples moved either from or to Barbados, we will be happy to assist.

If you need a trustworthy and reliable taxi driver….Ian is highly recommended. He was of great assistance on this trip. Honest and reliable businessman. For Barbados airport transfers or just to tour the island or anything transport needs you have, Ian will be happy and able to assist you. You can reach Ian at (246) 247-0291 or email him at:

And if you are looking for a reasonably priced hotel, why not try Infinity on the Beach…a good, clean, reasonably priced hotel with great staff. Right on the beach, as the name implies. Food and drink is good. Rooms are nice – clean and descent size. Staff is very helpful. It is only about a 10-15 minute ride from the Barbados Fertility Centre.

So, if you do end up going to Barbados for fertility treatment and you need to have your eggs, sperm or embryos transported, contact us for a quote.

Shipping embryos. Shipping eggs. Shipping sperm. We will be happy to assist.