CryoSend offers rental and leasing options to companies, organizations and individuals. Our shippers can be used to store and safely transport biomedical materials such as human and animal embryos, sperm and eggs, cold blood cells, stem cells, bone marrow cells, urine samples, DNA samples, anti-bodies, iPS cells, CART-T cells etc.


Our dry shipper rental service is available for both companies and individuals.We can provide both charged and uncharged dry shippers so help you ensure the integrity of your cold-chain science shipments.

CryoSend’s dry shipper rental service is quick and convenient, cost-effective and we have various sizes of shippers available.

In addition, we will fully guide you on the proper use of the dry shippers to ensure that your shipments are safe and secure.

Our clients include IVF clinics and patients, hospitals, research labs, graduate students, livestock farmers, CROs and bio-pharmaceutical companies.

We offer fully coordinated shipping services, however, if you only need a dry shipper and are comfortable coordinating the shipment yourself or need to take samples with you while travelling, then our CryoSend Shipper Rental Service is a good option.

CryoSend Shippers come in various sizes. We can help you find the right one for your purposes. The rental cost will depend on the size and the rental period.

Cryosend Dry Shipper Rental Service includes:

Rental of the dry shipper

Hard-shell shipper case (if required)

Shipping costs to you or point of origin

Initial liquid nitrogen charge (if requested)

Customer support

Benefits of the CryoSend Dry Shipper Rental Service include:

• CONVENIENT ACCESS TO FULLY CHARGED DRY SHIPPERS. Available for shipment to almost any part of the world.

• COST EFFECTIVE. Utilize our dry shippers without the expense of owning and maintaining your own units.

• TEMPERATURE MONITORING. Dry shippers with temperature data loggers available.

• VARIOUS SIZES AVAILABLE. We have various sizes of dry shippers to fulfill your requirements.

• PAPERWORK ASSISTANCE. We will assist you as much as possible to ensure that you have the proper paperwork ready and following regulations as required.

Contact us to discuss your needs. We are happy to provide advice and a quote.