CryoSend has been working with IVF patients and clinics since 2009. We have delivered embryos, sperm and eggs to clinics and hospitals in various countries around the world.

Our services for the IVF community include using our best-in-class CryoSend Shippers that will maintain cryogenic temperatures throughout the journey. Our staff will also assist with paperwork – paperwork for the clinics, Customs, airport security and the airlines.

We offer two services to the IVF community:



  • Our staff will pick-up and drop-off your shipment at the designated clinics
  • Your IVF samples will be carried onboard the airplane with our staff
  • Logistics coordination
  • Documentation for airports and airlines
  • Assistance with regulatory approvals where required
  • No X-ray scans request
  • Customer Support


  • Rental of the CryoSend Shipper
  • Shipping costs
  • Logistics coordination and monitoring
  • Documentation for airlines, airports and Customs
  • Assistance with regulatory approvals when required
  • No X-ray scans request
  • Customer Support

IVF Hand Carry Service Q & A

Since 2009 we have specialized in IVF shipments: moving frozen embryos, frozen sperm and frozen eggs for patients and clinics around the world.

Is it safe to move frozen embryos, sperm or eggs via your hand-carry service?

Yes. We have moved many samples over the years without any problems. We always ensure that proper preparations are made and that we have the proper documentation for the airlines, security and customs officials. In addition, we use only newer and validated shippers that can keep cryogenic temperatures for up to 12+ days.

How much does it cost?

We quote on each case individually. Every quote is based upon the pick-up and drop-off clinic locations, airfare and other transportation costs, accommodation needs, wages and time-line.

Do you have insurance or can we buy insurance for moving our IVF samples?

Insurance is difficult to buy for IVF frozen embryo, sperm and egg shipments. If an agent can offer such insurance, it is usually very expensive. If you are interested in buying insurance for your shipment, we encourage you to contact a local insurance agency to see if they can make such arrangements. In our view, it is not necessary.

Do you have a refund or guarantee policy?

Fortunately, we have never had a mishap. If proper preparations have been made and care is taken, it is difficult for frozen embryos, frozen sperm or frozen eggs to melt or otherwise be damaged while in the cryogenic shipper. If we are unable to deliver a shipment as agreed upon and it is due to our negligence, we will offer a full-refund. So far, since 2009, we have a 100% successful delivery rate and we intend to keep it that way. Should you have any particular concerns, we welcome your questions.

Can you update us while the IVF samples are in transit?

Yes, we update our clients regularly during the shipment process. We send pictures and written updates via email, Skype, WeChat, Line, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS etc.

Why are the benefits of hand-carry service vs. shipping via a commercial courier?

We offer both options. The majority of our IVF clients choose our hand-carry service, particularly for frozen embryos and frozen eggs. Embryos are always stored in delicate plastic straws. Whereas sperm is stored in plastic vials – which can perhaps withstand a rougher journey – being thrown into and out of airplanes and trucks. From our perspective and experience, shipping frozen embryos via hand-carry is definitely the better option. However, this will very much depend on your comfort level with each available shipping option and your budget. There are also some countries, such as Mexico, that commercial couriers do not want to ship bio-specimens into or out-of. So, overall, hand-carry is more expensive, but offers more security, safety and eliminates the prospect of the shipment being held-up in customs.

How soon can shipping be arranged?

Relatively quickly. We try to accommodate all requests that we receive. Ideally, it is always best to allow at least a few weeks to get everything arranged with the clinics and to obtain any permits that may be necessary.

What are your payment options?

We accept payment via bank transfer, PayPal, Visa and MasterCard.

There are a variety of ways in which to move IVF samples. Each option has its benefits and costs. Your budget will help determine which option is best for you. Many of our IVF clients opt to move their embryos, sperm or eggs by using our Handy Carry or Personal Chaperon Service. With these services, we will hand carry your IVF samples all the way. This is the best and safest way to move your IVF samples.

Our staff also has gained an insight into the IVF world over the years. We are happy to assist you in finding appropriate IVF service providers, for things such as egg/sperm donation, genetic screening options and surrogate mother services.

Going through IVF treatments can be a very expensive and emotional experience. Moving your IVF samples should not be a stressful event. Our CryoSend staff is experienced in moving eggs, sperm and embryos - we will develop a personalized shipping solution for you.

Don’t take any unnecessary chances with your IVF materials, contact us for a consultation.




Contact us to discuss your needs


Documents and regulations compliance check


We advise and find a solution to fit your needs


We present you with a quote, if agreed, payment is made


Coordination with the clinics to ensure a smooth delivery


We pick-up the samples from the clinic


We drop-off the samples at the new clinic


Status updates will be given throughout the journey