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Tbilisi, Georgia – Embryo Deliveries

Tbilishi, Georgia is a popular location for intended parents seeking the services of a surrogate mother. Surrogacy in Georgia is legal and a booming industry is sprouting. Intended parents from all over the world are seeking the services of IVF clinics, embryo shipping services and egg donor services in Georgia. The cost is reasonable and the legal steps are laid out and not too cumbersome and the the IPs can be registered as the birth parents on the birth certificate.

CryoSend has been delivering embryos and sperm to Georgia for Intended Parents, agencies and clinics. Embryo shipping to Georgia is rather straight forward as no import license is required. If you have any need for embryo shipping, sperm or egg shipping, we will be happy to provide a quote for you.

One clinic that we have been delivering embryos and sperm to is the In Vitro Clinic in Tblisi.

In Vitro Clinic in Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi is a very historic city. Beautiful architecture

an old church

inside the church

Barbados IVF treatment – hotel option

If you decide to do IVF treatment in Barbados, one option for your stay is Infinity on the Beach.

A good hotel right on the beach – like most other hotels on Barbados. Infinity is reasonably priced, good service, nice rooms, good restaurant.

Airport to hotel transport can be arranged directly at the airport as soon as you walk out of the arrival doors or you can contact Ian at 246-247-0291 or email him at He works as a contractor with the hotel – he can arrange any kind of transportation that you many need while in Barbados.

Ian can also arrange transportation for you to and from the Barbados Fertility Centre.

If you need any services relating to embryo or sperm shipping, we are happy to assist.

beach front room view from the hotel restaurant

street in front of the hotel

Barbados IVF Clinic

Barbados is a small island in the Caribbean with less than 300,000 people. A place where many Canadians, Americans and British citizens go to enjoy beach life. Barbados is also home to the Barbados Fertility Centre – a popular destination for IVF services for citizens of the US and Canada. The Barbados Fertility Centre is located right across from the beach at Seaston House. Dr. Juliet Skinner is the presiding practitioner.

Barbados has affordable IVF treatment options. Patients can enjoy the sun and beach while getting their IVF treatments completed – paradise. One of the main hubs to get to Barbados is Miami, it only takes a few hours.

On this journey, we had the pleasure of delivering sperm and embryo samples from Miami. If you are looking at affordable IVF treatment options, why not consider Barbados? Dr. Skinner and the team at the Barbados Fertility Centre will be happy to assist you. The lab skills, training and equipment is comparable to anything you would find in the US or Canada.
You can find out more about IVF options in Barbados by visiting the clinic homepage:

And…if you need to have your sperm, egg or embryo samples moved either from or to Barbados, we will be happy to assist.

If you need a trustworthy and reliable taxi driver….Ian is highly recommended. He was of great assistance on this trip. Honest and reliable businessman. For Barbados airport transfers or just to tour the island or anything transport needs you have, Ian will be happy and able to assist you. You can reach Ian at (246) 247-0291 or email him at:

And if you are looking for a reasonably priced hotel, why not try Infinity on the Beach…a good, clean, reasonably priced hotel with great staff. Right on the beach, as the name implies. Food and drink is good. Rooms are nice – clean and descent size. Staff is very helpful. It is only about a 10-15 minute ride from the Barbados Fertility Centre.

So, if you do end up going to Barbados for fertility treatment and you need to have your eggs, sperm or embryos transported, contact us for a quote.

Shipping embryos. Shipping eggs. Shipping sperm. We will be happy to assist.

Barbados Fertility Centre

Barbados Fertility Centre

Q&A: Shipping Embryos to Another Clinic

Some common questions we receive about shipping frozen embryos from one clinic to another.

  1. How are embryos shipped?

Embryos are shipped in liquid nitrogen vapor shippers. To ensure that the process goes smoothly, you should coordinate well with both clinics about the pick-up and drop-off dates and all necessary paperwork. You will also need a shipping provider who will coordinate the logistics and ensure that the shipment gets from clinic A to clinic B safely and quickly.

  1. How are embryos protected during shipping?

Embryos should be shipped in liquid nitrogen shippers that can maintain constant temperatures below -150 degrees Celsius for 10+ days.

  1. Can I ship internationally?

Yes. Many fertility patients who are using a surrogate in another country ship frozen embryos. An experienced cryogenic shipping company should handle all the logistics, including advice on paperwork to clear customs. You will also need to discuss with the respective clinics to ensure that all paperwork has been done and any permits, if needed, have been obtained.

  1. How is customs handled if I ship internationally?

You will need to make sure that your clinics are following all applicable laws and regulations regarding IVF shipments. The clinics will usually be able to assist you with getting the right paperwork done. A company experienced in shipping embryos internationally can also help advise you on getting your embryos through customs with the right paperwork.

  1. How is shipping tracked?

If the IVF shipment is sent via a commercial courier, then normal courier tracking numbers are used e.g. FedEx, UPS, DHL etc. If the shipment is done via hand-carry (onboard courier), then tracking will need to be arranged with the courier to ensure updats are received.

  1. What will shipping include?

Shipping should include logistics coordination directly with the patient and clinics, patient support, the specialized liquid nitrogen container, assistance with paperwork and the shipping itself.

  1. Is it safe to ship embryos internationally with a commercial courier?

For the most part, yes. However, at CryoSend, we always inform clients that it is our opinion that shipping embryos is better done via a hand-carry service and that sperm can be shipped either using a hand carry service or a commercial courier service. Some international courier companies will not ship embryos, such as World Courier and CryoExpress in Europe. For some shipping companies, the risk of something going wrong during an embryos shipment is too great and not worth the risk.

In our view, domestic shipping of frozen embryos, sperm and eggs can safely be done via a commercial courier, however, internationally shipments of embryos need more consideration and hand-carry should be explored as an option.

IVF Shipping Services


CryoSend专门从事冷冻IVF(全称: In vitro fertilization,体外人工受孕,以下简称IVF) 样品包括冷冻胚胎、冷冻精子、冷冻卵子在内的国际安全运送业务。自2009年起,我们一直致力于全球范围内诊所之间IVF样品的运送。我们的客户在参与国外代孕项目、使用捐卵服务时都会用到我们的运送业务,在国外进行胚胎培育或胚胎基因检测后我们会为客户将胚胎运送回国。




IVF Services

Clinic in California

Clinic in California

Clinic in Asia

Clinic in Asia

Embriones congelados. Esperma congelada. Óvulos congelados.

CryoSend se especializa en trasladar muestras de FIV congeladas de forma segura a nivel internacional. Embriones congelados. Esperma congelada. Óvulos congelados. Desde el año 2009, hemos transportado muestras FIV, de clínica a clínica, a nivel internacional. Nuestros clientes usan nuestros servicios al momento de participar en un programa de subrogación en el extranjero, al utilizar un servicio de donantes de óvulos, al regresar una vez que los han puesto en el extranjero o también al haber puesto a prueba los embriones genéticamente en el extranjero.

Gracias a nuestro servicio postal de transporte manual, recogeremos su envío desde la clínica, llevaremos las muestras con nosotros en el avión, no le pediremos que se hagan rayos X, pasaremos el envío por la aduana y entregaremos las muestras congeladas a la clínica de destino. Durante todo el viaje, sus embriones, esperma y óvulos congelados estarán con nosotros.

Tenemos experiencia trasladando muestras biológicas congeladas hacia y desde Estados Unidos, Canadá, China, Hong Kong, Tailandia, India, Rusia, Ucrania y México. El destino más popular por parte de nuestros clientes es Estados Unidos, principalmente debido a los programas de subrogación y donación de óvulos que se encuentran allí disponibles. Rusia y Canadá son también destinos muy comunes para la subrogación. Si bien participa en un programa de subrogación o de donación de óvulos, o simplemente necesita que sus muestras biológicas congeladas sean llevadas a otra clínica, usted puede confiar que CryoSend.en hará un buen trabajo.

Si necesita trasladar sus embriones, esperma u óvulos congelados, póngase en contacto con nosotros para obtener un presupuesto gratuito.

OBC – Onboard Courier Service

Our Onboard Courier service is can service almost any industry, however, our specialty is in offering a complete range of dedicated courier services for the healthcare sector. Healthcare fields we service include such fields as clinics and hospitals, Pathology Labs, Cosmetic Surgeries, Pharmaceuticals, Blood Banks, Organ Banks, Tissue Testing Labs, Doctors Surgeries and hospital research labs.

We regularly collect specimens to be delivered to laboratories worldwide, handled securely and safely in corrective packaging. If dry ice is needed, we can arrange that as well on short notice.

Specialising in time critical deliveries, CryoSend Ltd, can get your samples or life saving drugs to the destination quickly and safely. Regardless of what the nature of the item be carried is, each shipment is treated with the highest level of respect.

Our hand carry service has been utilised by individuals, clinics/hospitals, law firms, insurance companies, shipping companies, the automotive industry, hi-tech firms, film studios etc. Whatever you situation, we will try to find a solution.

The cost of hand carry / Onboard Courier service is unique to each case. Each request is quoted on separately based upon factors such as pick-up and drop-off locations, timing, job requirements etc. We can have a very quick quote turn-around time, so if you have an emergency, contact us and we will assist you with the onboard courier service needs.

IVF Services

Shipping frozen embryos to Mexico – Permit required

We regularly ship frozen embryos, sperm and eggs to and from Mexico. In order to accept or release frozen IVF bio-materials, the Mexican clinic needs to apply for an import/export permit from the Mexican health authorities. This process can take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks and may cost upwards of $300 USD – depending on the clinic and arrangements you have with them. It is always a good idea to give the Mexican clinic ample time before you plan to move your frozen embryos, frozen sperm or frozen eggs. Once the permit has been received, we are able to smoothly import/export IVF samples.


Cambodia banning surrogacy?

The Cambodian government seems intent on banning surrogacy in the country. Over the past few months there have been discussions about this issue, but no firm law has been set as of yet – only a vaguely worded ministerial directive banning surrogacy.

We have delivered frozen embryos and sperm to Cambodia on numerous occasions and know some of the people involved in the industry there. From the information we are getting directly from people on the ground, it seems that the days for surrogacy may be limited in Cambodia. The most recent  Ministry of Health directive is very short and simply states that all forms of surrogacy are prohibited.



IVF Hand-Carry Service vs. Commercial Courier.

When we receive an inquiry about our frozen embryo/sperm/eggs shipping options, most people are somewhat nervous about the whole process and have many questions, such as: Who can we trust? How much does it cost? Are we getting a fair deal? Will my embryos be ok going through Customs? How do you carry them? What is your experience like? Do you offer any guarantees/refunds? What is the benefit of hand-carry vs. commercial courier service? etc.

We would like to address some of these questions in this blog post.

Who can we trust with our IVF shipment? This is a personal matter more so than the other questions. There are a few IVF courier services available. Which one is right for you will depend on your service needs, budget and interaction with service providers. As for us, we always welcome emails, phone calls, Skype meetings or any other way that you wish to communicate. A lot of our Asian customers use Line and WeChat or WhatsApp. North American customers tend to use email, phone and Facebook Messenger.

Costs: At CryoSend, we quote on each case separately. We do not have a one-price-fits-all policy. A quote is created for each request based upon pick-up and drop-off locations and time-line.

Will my embryos/sperm/eggs be safe throughout the journey? Yes. We have been transporting IVF bio-materials since 2009. So far we have never had a mishap. If things are done properly and planned for, there is very little chance of something going wrong, especially with our hand-carry option. We carry all of our shipments in validated shippers that can maintain cryogenic temperatures for up to 12 days.

We are often also asked about guarantees and refunds should something go wrong. Fortunately, we have a perfect delivery record since 2009. It is difficult for the IVF frozen embryos, frozen sperm or frozen eggs to melt while in the shipping tank – assuming that the proper preparations have been done. It is difficult to get insurance coverage for IVF courier shipments. Insurance can be found, but it is usually very expensive. Our policy is generally that if we fail to deliver the shipment as agreed upon, we will refund the money paid to us for the expected service. It is important to realize that nothing is 100% fail-proof, however, we have never encountered any serious issues while transporting IVF shipments.

What are the benefits of hand-carry vs. commercial courier service? This is a question we often get when people are considering their options for transporting their IVF embryos, eggs or sperm. At CryoSend, we offer both options. The majority of our clients choose our hand-carry service, especially for transporting frozen embryos and eggs. Sperm, it has the image of being rough and tough and able to survive being thrown around in a box into and out of airplanes and trucks. Perhaps. Both options are valid and your choice will depend on your comfort level with commercial couriers and most importantly your budget. we have successfully shipped both via hand-carry and commercial courier. Personally, I would send my frozen eggs and frozen embryos via a hand-carry option. Part of this reason is that frozen embryos are in delicate plastic straws, very thin straws. Whereas sperm is in vials – thicker plastic vials. These vials can withstand more harsh treatment than straws. We have seen animal embryos in straws that have escaped the canister chamber in the shipper and have fallen within the main chamber of the shipper. This could only happen if the shipment was treated in a rather rough manner. We also have it from good sources (former shipping center employees), that shipments are not always treated with the delicate care that commercial couriers claim to provide. So…if the frozen embryos, sperm or eggs are your last available, then I would definitely recommend using a hand-carry service. If the sperm is just one collection, and more to be had, then sending it via a commercial courier route is acceptable. On the other hand, some of our clients are unable to produce more sperm and what they have is all that they have and will not be able to get more – in that case, we can confidently recommend to go with a hand-carry service.

We welcome inquiries and questions from IVF patients and clinics.