Happy New Year!


お陰さまでCryoSendは大勢のIVF患者やクリニックに凍結輸送サービスを提供することができました。日本国内は勿論、香港、タイ、カンボジ ア、台湾、中国、カナダと米国、その他の国々のクリニックより依頼を受け、その内容は様々ですが多くは遺伝子スクリーニング、代理出産、凍結受精卵移植が その目的でした。



今年、数多くの方にドライシッパーのレンタルサービスを利用して頂きました。 当社サービスにとても満足して頂きを信頼を得る事でき、有り難く思っております。当社のレンタルドライシッパーは、IVF患者と研究者によって地球を旅することができました。

今日まで一緒に作業した様々な人たち、特に大学や研究室のスタッフ、空港の保安検査要員、様々な航空会社、とくにJAL やANAこれら全て、私たちを支援して下さった方々に感謝申し上げます。

2016年、当社の凍結輸送サービスがより 多くの人々のお役に立つ事を楽しみにしております。

Thank you for 2015

We want to say thank you to all of our customers and friends for a great 2015.

Thank you.

This past year we were able to assist numerous IVF patients and clinics with their frozen shipping needs. We worked with clinics in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, China, Canada and the United States among others. CryoSend shipped embryos intended for genetic screening, surrogacy, FET etc. Our couriers had a good chance to travel to various parts of the world and get to know new clinics and patients.

CryoSend was also able to work with several university research labs – amongst them Kagoshima University. We transported sperm, eggs and embryos for mini-pigs, cows and horses. Research labs are amongst a group of customers that we continue to develop relationships with and hope to service more in the future. Always great to assist people working on the latest bio-technology related breakthroughs.

We also had a good number of people taking advantage of our CryoSend dry shipper rental service. Thank you for trusting us. Our rental dry shippers were able to travel the globe and back with IVF patients and researchers. All deliveries were made successfully.

It is impossible to list everyone who assisted us in someway or another this past year, but we do want to say a special thank you to all the clinic support staff, university/research lab support staff, the security personnel working at airports and the various airlines that we were able to work with this past year.

We thank you for your support and look forward to helping more people with their frozen shipping needs in 2016.

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